7 actions to protect your business from webcam hacking

It is indeed possible to hack the webcam of a professional. Let's see what methods you can use to protect yourself in an optimal way against webcam hacking.

1. Hide your collaborators' webcams with webcam covers

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In view of the variety of uses of webcams during attacks, protection at the webcam level should not be neglected, especially since the price of these protections is often negligible compared to the actions deployed following an infection and the costs associated with them.

2. Keep your computer equipment up to date

As we highlighted in the previous article, there's nothing like outdated or un-updated equipment to compromise the rest of your infrastructure. For this, a simple implementation of a regular maintenance plan of the equipment will allow you to not forget anyone.

3. Raise awareness among your teams

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Given the importance of the human factor in today's attacks, we can only urge companies to educate and inform their employees about the different methods that hackers use and the valuable role that each employee plays in the company to deal with this.

4. Use strong passwords

One of the simplest tests performed during every attack is the simple password check on user accounts. In this context, a regular verification or the implementation of a strong password policy will avoid simplifying the work of the hacker.

5. Partition your networks

Another point of verification is the good network separation and associated partitioning. Make sure that users do not access unnecessary servers or only on certain specified ports or for certain specified IPs. In the same way, make sure that DMZ servers do not communicate directly with the internal network and that filtering rules are applied.A check can also be made at the switch level to ensure that ports are tagged correctly and do not allow an intruder to connect a device capable of communicating on the network but rather to stay on a controlled environment. 

6. Supervise visitors and physical security

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These actions sometimes come at a cost, but depending on the importance of the information your company has, the degree of physical security will increase.Here are some possible ideas to improve the level of security for this area:- Establish a global access policy that includes all exceptions.- All users of the site must comply with it- Clearly identify visitors with a special time-limited badge- Escort and escort visitors- Provide restroom facilities for visitors- Never allow visitors to walk alone in the building- All visitors must have access authorization issued by a manager (maintenance, service, visits, meetings, etc.)- Design the data center in such a way that the presence of cleaning teams is not necessary in the server roomThis list is not exhaustive but gives good principles to adapt it to your situation because each situation is different.  

7. Perform penetration tests & security audits

The purpose of these tests is to establish and evaluate the level of security of the company by allowing an expert in computer security, over a period of time, a schedule and under specific conditions, to test the current infrastructure.In the case of a penetration test, as its name indicates, the expert will attempt to break into the company's computer system according to a chosen context in order to determine how far a hacker is able to go and what are the different means that can be used to achieve this objective depending on the current security of the system.As for the vulnerability audit, it will rather remain at the stage of the verification of what is exposed on the Internet by the company and list which systems are potentially vulnerable to an attack without going as far as the intrusion.Finally, there is also the physical security audit which will allow the company to gauge the behavior of its employees in the face of a stealthy or undetected threat. This will be useful to review and assess the reliability of the company's security policy. 


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