Protect yourself from webcam hacking

  • Methods to hack someone's webcam

    Nowadays most of the information (advertisement / certificate / invoice, etc ...) is sent by email. This leads hackers to be particularly inventive in their ways of infecting us with their viruses.

    Here is a sample of methods, which you will have understood, evolves regularly.
  • 7 actions to protect your business from webcam hacking

    Hide your collaborators' webcams with webcam covers

    In view of the variety of uses of webcams during attacks, protection at the webcam level should not be neglected, especially since the price of these protections is often negligible compared to the actions deployed following an infection and the costs associated with them.

  • Who are the webcam hackers and what are their interests?

    This is a question that comes up often and the answers are many and sometimes obscure.Often thinking about the interests of such actions allows us to determine the potential people behind them, but sometimes it is just one step in a larger plan.Let's take a look at the most known actors in the case of hijacking your computer in order to spy on you via your webcam.
  • How can I protect myself from webcam hacking?

    One of the most effective ways to protect yourself as an individual is to have a good, up-to-date and complete Antivirus.We can only emphasize the term "complete" because in fact some editors offer free Antivirus solutions that have only limited functionality.Based mainly on a signature directory, when they encounter a new virus or a variant, they remain ineffective and let the infection pass...On the other hand, a signature-based system coupled with a behavioral threat detection mechanism (heuristic system) will allow to be proactive on new threats.Add to this some promising and efficient "sandbox" systems allowing the execution of your files arriving on your computer in a closed environment in order to analyze it, will allow an optimal protection.If you are looking for a complete antivirus you can look at BitDefender, MalwareBytes Premium, Kaspersky or Symantec.
  • Can someone hack my webcam?

    In light of current events, we are increasingly asking ourselves this question: is it possible that people can take control of my webcam?In short, yes and not just your webcam.Why? Because the basis of any access to your equipment (phone, microphone, keyboard, webcam, etc.) is that hackers will first infect your computer with a malicious program (virus, spyware, malware). From that moment on, this malicious person will choose how to use your computer and its associated equipment, including the webcam.
  • Methods used to hack a professional's webcam

    In this article we will talk in more detail about the processes used to infect computers in order to be able to hack a professional's webcam.Although some of the methods are similar for private individuals and professionals, the computer equipment and the context are different. This opens the way to other types of attacks.