Install your Monkeywi universal webcam cover

If you're reading this, without a doubt you have just received your webcam cover and we thank you for your order.

The webcam cover is very easy to install and use. However, below you will find our installation guide which demonstrates how to install your webcam cover in the best way.

1. Remove the adhesive protection

Remove the white and red protection from the adhesive.

2. Pay attention to microphones!

Be careful not to stick your webcam cover to a microphone (small hole).

3. Place your webcam cover

Stick the black part next to your webcam. Not too close to your webcam as this can create a shadow or an obstruction, and not too far as you need the metal part to have enough reach to cover the camera.

4. Slide!

You can now choose when you want to be seen or not by shifting the metal part back and forth. Your image belongs to you!

We sincerely hope that your webcam cover will please you!

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@monkeywi.com .

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