Frequently asked questions about the universal webcam cover

Is it possible to hack my webcam?

Yes, refer to our dedicated article by clicking here.

Who are the webcam hackers and what are their interests?

Refer to our dedicated article by clicking here.

How are webcams hacked?

Refer to our dedicated article by clicking here.

How can I protect myself from webcam hacking?

Refer to our dedicated article by clicking here.

Isn't my antivirus enough to protect me?

Hackers are always one step ahead of private companies and authorities. There is therefore a risk of being observed even with an antivirus. The only 100% effective solution is to hide your camera.

Why would someone spy on me via my webcam?

Hackers/spys belong to several categories:

- Perverts

Webcam access is resold between $0.25 (for a man) and $25 (for a woman) on the dark net (parallel internet).

- Blackmail

Some hackers threaten to broadcast compromising images to your email contacts and your social networks if you do not pay ransoms.

- Pedophiles

Nearly one million cyber pedophiles were identified in 2011 by the FBI.

- Relatives

This report by Complément d’Enquête shows a man who was spying on his wife whom he doubted.

- Industrial espionage

Businesses suffered heavy losses due to computer breaches. According to Le Monde, these would have increased by 29% to reach a WLL of € 450,000 in 2010.

- Private organisations

In the race for information, your image can also be expensive. For example, the scandal that splashed Yahoo! in 2014 revealed that the company kept sexual images of its users.

- State governments

According to some NGOs and other whistleblowers, states will be more and more intrusive into the privacy of their citizens.

How do I install my webcam cover?

The Monkeywi webcam cover is very easy to install. Just stick the plastic part next to your webcam with the high-resistance adhesive that comes with your webcam cover. Then just insert the sliding metal part.

How does the webcam cover fit on the computer?

It is attached to the webcam with an adhesive which works equally well on on plastic, glass or aluminum. The plastic part is narrow enough to hold the metal part and wide enough to slide it.

Is the webcam cover easy to use?

Nothing is easier! Once installed, you just have to slide it open to be seen when you participate in a video chat or close it to be sure not to be observed when you do not want to be.

Is the webcam cover compatible with my laptop?

Yes. To date, no test or user indicates otherwise. The Monkeywi webcam cover fits all laptops.

Is the webcam cover compatible with my Macbook?

Yes the webcam cover fits Macbook. Its thickness of 1mm does not hinder the closing of the lid. However, the latest generation Macbook is so thin that there is only 1mm space left between the two parts of the computer once closed, which does not bother and does not damage the computer. We are currently developing a new webcam cache specifically designed for Macbook. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified the day of its release.

Is the webcam cover compatible with my tablet or my iPad?

Yes the webcam cover adapts to tablets. However, we are currently designing a product specifically designed for this purpose. Please don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be informed the day of its release.

Is the webcam cover compatible with desktop webcam devices?

Yes the webcam cover fits on some desktop webcams. Such is the case for the famous HD webcam C920/C910 ideal for streaming in HD.

Where is the Monkeywi webcam cover made?

Our webcam cover is assembled by hand, by a social workshop in France. The components of the accessory are all produced by our French suppliers.

Is it possible to customize the webcam cover?

Yes, the customisation of the metal part with your logo is possible. Go to this page to find out more:
custom webcam cover.

What is the delivery delay?

Your order is processed and shipped within 1 to 3 days. The webcam cover is packaged in a plastic sleeve and then sent in a bubble wrap envelope. You do not need to move because the standard size envelope will fit in your mailbox.

Is it possible to be delivered abroad?

Yes this is quite common (15% of our users). No additional delivery charges apply.

Are your payment methods secure?

Our payment solutions are provided by PayPal, the world leader in secure online payment with more than 220 million users worldwide and Stripe, for secure credit card payments

Will Monkeywi release new products?

Yes! We design new accessories related to computer security for all! To make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page).

Bonus: Why is this monkey called Monkeywi?

Ah yes! Why indeed!? Monkeywi is the descendant of the "Monkeys of Wisdom".

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