Protect your privacy with the universal webcam cover

Universal webcam cover made in France since 2015

The webcam cover replaces your piece of scotch tape


Universal webcam cover


Made in good working conditions

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cache webcam monkeywi universel coulissant ordinateur portable mac macbook

Sliding webcam cover

Monkeywi is a webcam cover unique on the internet with visible / non-visible positions. No more unsightly pieces of scotch tape!

monkeywi ultra thin 1 mm universal webcam cover

Doesn't prevent the screen from closing

With a thickness of only 1 millimetre it doesn't constrain screen closure.

monkeywi webcam cover universal sliding laptop mac macbook

Adapts to all surfaces

The high-resistance adhesive of our webcam cover adheres just as well to plastic as it does to glass or aluminum. Moreover, it leaves no trace.

The best protection against voyeurism.


Webcam cover designed for laptops.
Dimensions: 25x10x1mm


It protects your privacy and that of your loved ones.


The universal webcam cover goes perfectly with your computer or tablet.

Webcam hacking is a growing phenomenon.

"Voyeurism and cyber-blackmail are unfortunately common practices. France would even be among the five most targeted countries. Discreet and ultra-thin, Monkeywi doesn't prevent the closure of the laptop. Review: 5/5"

01 Net Magazine

"More and more hackers are taking control of your computer and are spying via your webcam - a violation of your privacy that benefits voyeurs who make your life a business (and a living hell). The solution? The Monkeywi webcam cover!"


"Hackers and intelligence services are able to spy on their targets via their webcam and without turning on the famous green light. The Monkeywi webcam cover, made in France, is only 1mm thick."

Mac Génération

Hacking a webcam without the victim noticing it has become child's play, especially in emerging countries. To protect ones privacy or ones business, Monkeywi offers a radical solution: a physical cover for the webcam."


More than 100,000 satisfied users

The Monkeywi webcam cover is made in France!

Partly for patriotic reasons, but especially to ensure good manufacturing conditions, we manufacture our webcam cover in France.

Our French suppliers and assembly workshops

Our suppliers are for the most part French and our webcam cover is assembled in a medical-social facility of protected work, reserved for people with disabilities and aimed at their integration or social and professional reintegration.

Custom webcam cover for businesses

Customise thewebcam cover with your company's logo to protect your clients and collaborators.

Starting from 500 units. Degressive pricing.

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Any questions?

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